5 Interesting Facts About Your Smartphone


What many of us don’t know about a great smartphone features?

We have known for a long time that mobile phones are used only for phones or messages. Great photos, or even playing games, listening to music, or surfing the internet. Nothing more than that. So know what works on your smart phone is also past your imagination. Here are 5 fancy facts for smartphone use.

Check Your Remote Problem

Want to know if your TV’s remote control is working properly? Turn the mobile camera on and hold the front of the remote completely. Press any one of the remote buttons. You see, a blue/violet colour light is shining inside the glass-like front of the remote. It’s actually infrared ray. The ray is not captured by the naked eye. But got caught in the mobile camera. If you do not see the blue light after pressing the remote button, then it is time to replace the remote battery.

Measure Distance Of An Object

Your mobile camera also shows how far away a certain object is from you. There are Several Distance Measuring Apps you can download for free from the Google Play Store. They will help you with this. After installing this app, turn the mobile camera on and you want to measure the distance to the object, hold the camera. Bring the object to the indicated direction of the app. Now tell the app an estimate of how high the ground is holding the camera. The app will calculate the distance, the distance of the object. The calculations that will come about are fairly reliable.

Capture in Micro-mode

Did you know that your mobile phone can act as a medium-sized microscope? Just drop a drop of water on your mobile lens. Now turn the camera on and keep it half an inch away from anything. Let the lens focus. You see, the thing looks bigger than normal. In fact, the water droplet acts as a lens. That makes the camera look much larger than normal. The less shaking your mobile hand, the better focus you will get. However, be careful not to let too much water fall into the lens of the mobile camera.

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Capture Photos By Using Bluetooth Headset

Did you know that you can use your mobile Bluetooth headset as a remote shutter to your mobile camera? Yes, it is possible. This allows you to take selfies with your Bluetooth headset while keeping the mobile away. However, it should be noted that not all of the headsets will act as a remote control of your mobile camera shutter. And you have to find out by just doing a little examination of the number of times a headset button is pressed on the mobile.

Fighting Against Cancer

With your mobile you can strengthen the fight against cancer. Samsung PowerSlip or HTC Power to Give apps will help you with this. These apps measure your mobile’s computational power by analyzing your mobile data while your mobile is charging overnight. Then these apps were donated the data to various government and medical agencies that are conducting research on cancer prevention. This helps researchers in their research.


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