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Our Goal

The main reason behind the creation of our site is that many of us are not being able to buy smartphones or any electronic devices because we are not getting proper ideas about buying the right thing. Many times, shopkeepers make the profit by imitating fake products, and many do not find the right device according to their required configuration and budget. So we create GETSVIEW so that you can find the latest price and detailed information of any device on our website. We always update the prices and details of the products that are provided by the manufacturer of the company.

Our Services - Highlight the detailed information of the product. The appropriate price of the product (price from the manufacturing company). Always update the price of the product according to the market price. The original photos of each product. Video reviews about devices (Work in progress). A rating point according to the quality of the product. Latest technology news and details. A Forum with numerous members, so you can get expert advice at any time. You can also collaborate with others as a member of our forum Get highlights through email. You can buy Qualified Products from our official store at the right price (Work in progress).

Founded in


Getsview started its journey in May of 2016 by Fahim Rayhan. From the beginning, the site is leading forward at great speed. The main reason for this is being that the confidence and love of the visitors are behind us

Team Members


Many are with us, including product reviewers, writers, editors, SEO managers, developers. We are working together as a family.

On-Going Projects


Currently, our three sites are active, among which GETSVIEW is the main, the other two are Getsview Forum (Forums and Blog) and Getsview Market (e-Commerce).