OnePlus is a Chinese startup. It was established in China in 2013. Many of these “beloved ones” are behind the company, the founders of Pete Lau and Carl Pei.

In 2014, OnePlus One became the most liked smartphone and by the end of the year, about 1.5 million pieces of OnePlus One were sold worldwide. And the biggest thing was that these were achieved without any adverting.

In fact, how is it possible for a company to come up with big companies in such a short time? In fact, their original mantra is behind them. They believed in sending smartphones directly from the manufacturer to the customer, to remove other traders or dealers from inside. They are more confident to give better things to the customer-not marketing. Due to the screening of the market cannot cover the bad side of the phone. Their claim is that a Satisfied customer can take the company to a lot of time.

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