Generate YouTube Video Tags Easily Using These Free Tools


Youtube Tag Generator Tools

As a YouTube content creator, you have to provide SEO for every video where the tag is an important thing. A tag makes a great impact on your video search engine optimization. Without a proper tag or unnecessary tag, your video will not in rank. So here today we list some free tools which will help you to generate tags for your youtube videos without any cost.


A free tool that generates youtube tags relevant to your keywords. There are two versions of this tool. One is free which only provide tag generator and analyzer, search ranker, video remonetize tool. On the other hand, another one is a paid version which gives you more like auto linker, video upload planner, description SEO analyzer features. The premium plan of Rapidtag known as plus plan cost you $3.99 USD per month or $34.99 USD for a year.

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Youtube Tag Generator

Another tool for generating tags, but in this tool, you have to collect tags from other videos. To use this tool, get the video link to which you want to know about the tags they are using. Just paste the link in the search box. It will provide all the relevant tags with downloading and copying feature.

Keyword Tool IO

This tool is basically for researching keywords. There is a dedicated tab for generating keywords for youtube videos. It has a lot of data about youtube search keywords, so you can get ideas about which keywords and which tags you should apply. This tool is also free to use.



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