The Internet has opened up a new horizon for trade and commerce, namely electronic
commerce (e-commerce). E-commerce entails the use of the Internet in marketing,
identification, payment, and delivery of goods and services.

Bangladesh is not backward in this journey of e-commerce. Over the past few years, there have been numerous e-commerce sites in Bangladesh and people are being self-reliant by this business day after day. The reason behind this is the unending contribution of the government, the availability of the Internet, the enrichment of information technology. But there are still some problems in the e-commerce world of Bangladesh. One of them is the lack of a proper payment system, the cost of building infrastructure, the lack of skilled manpower and the ignorance of people in this sector.

In view of the overall importance of e-commerce in Bangladesh, we started a different site GETSVIEW MARKET. Where users can use our platform to open a shop in the name of their own brands and sell their products without monthly and no entry fee, (conditions apply).

The Core Team

GETSVIEW MARKET has been created and developed by a team of professionals since 2019. Not a community of artists, this is a team of highly qualified full-time professionals. That’s why our e-commerce tools are much more secure than others. If we find a bug, we fix it at our quickest pace. We always try to keep our site safe and secured. We perform a vulnerability check and performance check regularly. So you can be sure about this

Why Choose GETSVIEW MARKET for your E-commerce business?

GETSVIEW MARKET is a very powerful eCommerce platform. Even in the crowded and growing online shopping cart market, GETSVIEW MARKET stands out as one of the best with an excellent combination of user-friendliness, easy to use, scalability, fantastic features & customizability, and extensive functionality.


GV MARKET gives everything you need to start selling once you registered. With powerful product management, you can add and arrange your products in no time and manage product options, such as price, product images, stock, offer, coupon, details, review and many more features easily. Cross-selling tools such as Bestsellers and On-Sale Products, Buy Together, Customers Also Bought, and others will help you boost your sales. Multi-channel selling is and social media sharing also present: embed the product of your store into any website or social platform to attract more customers. Ask anything— GV MARKET can do it! Unless you’re asking it to make your coffee, of course.

The dashboard on our site is your control room. To keep your store under control, you need all the switches and knobs at hand and conveniently placed. The dashboard on our site has all the necessary tools to manage your store, all at the tip of your fingers. The built-in, powerful content management system allows you to create rich and SEO-friendly pages.


Every profitable store gets the biggest part of its traffic from Google organic search. And your store will get it, too. If you choose the right solutions offered here.


Payment and shipping services are two pillars of an online store. When people shop in online stores, they worry about the security of payment transactions and safe delivery. With our e-commerce platform, your customers won’t worry—our platform has over 5 built-in payment services including the most secure such as BKash, Credit Card, Visa,  and others. We have trusted courier services they will deliver products to your customers quickly and safely.


If you get into trouble with your store or just have any questions about functionality, don’t worry—help is always available.

You can contact anytime with our Expert team

troght our Contact Page

or simply send email to –

Email: contact@getsview.com


GETSVIEW Market gives everything you need to start selling once you registered. With powerful a product management system that is easy to use.




Our courier service provider is highly reputable and ensures speedy delivery.


We offer a 24/7 online and offline service for our valued customers.


We provide super fast delivery through reputed courier service provider

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