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Do you have a product you would like GETSVIEW to consider for review? Great! Please read the product review guidelines below first, then submit the product to us.

How our product reviews work:

Products are reviewed by the editorial team and readers of GETSVIEW & GETSVIEW Forum will provide honest opinions and reports of a specific product. We do not review WEBSITES. Only Products.

Product reviews help our readers learn about and make purchasing decisions of companies and products which are showcased on this site.

Products can include Smartphone, Camera, Laptop, Television & other electronic products, Gadgets and more.

In addition to being showcased in a post on our site, products may also be listed on our sister sites, as well as our social media accounts.

The website referred to on the above form must be family-friendly. Any site not deemed appropriate for our readers will be rejected for review.

All costs related to shipping both to and from will be paid for by the company or individual requesting the product review. We do not accept C.O.D’s for any products.

Submitting a product for review does not guarantee your product will be reviewed on our site, but we will make every attempt to do so and in a timely manner. By completing the above form, we can determine if your product is appropriate to our audience, raising the chances that your product WILL be reviewed.

Product must have a retail value of $10 or greater to be considered for a review on our site.

At this time we are NOT accepting services or Business Opportunities for review.

If we choose to review your product it will be featured in an article on our site. In addition, we may also feature your product on our Site/Facebook page

*Because of the number of queries we receive, incomplete or inappropriate submissions will not be acknowledged or replied to.

Over 15 Types Of Products Reviewed By GETSVIEW

GETSVIEW is very popular for electronics product reviews and specification. With over 50,000 unique visitors per month, our website is a great place to showcase your products and accessories in front of a highly engaged and knowledgeable audience. Our reviews are completely unbiased and cost you nothing to get done. There is no such thing as a sponsored review with GETSVIEW.

  • No limit to products that can be reviewed for free
  • Posted articles get social media syndication (FB, TW, SU)
  • Includes YouTube video review (view our channel)
  • Reviews can take 1-3 weeks to complete
  • Stock images and videos shot for social posts
  • Article added to the weekly newsletter
  • We provide you marketing material to promote your reviews
  • Provide our readers/audience with coupon code

Fill out the form below to get the review process started:

Please do not send sales inquiries or wholesale catalogs to GETSVIEW. We DO NOT buy any product. We DO NOT purchase products to place our brand on. Please do not submit if you are a Sales Executive, we only would like to speak with Founders, CEOs, Marketing Directors, CMOs, and anyone else from the Leadership Team.

Follow Up Questions

Sending samples isn’t a one-size-fits-all activity. Many retailers have specific instructions unique to their processes or standards. So, once the buyer sends the initial sample request, it’s important to be ready with follow up questions in case the buyer doesn’t answer them up front. Consider asking…

  • How many samples do you want me to send?
  • Which products would you like to sample?
  • Where should I address the samples and who should I put the attention to?
  • Are there any specific packaging instructions?
  • Can you tell me a little more about your business before I send these out?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our product reviews.

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Product Review FAQ

Q: What types of products do you review?

A: We are open to reviewing any products that are relative to our audiences, which means, we do have a place we can review the majority of submissions we receive.

Q: Do you review books and music?

A: Absolutely! We love books and music.

Q: Do you review food items?

A: Yes and no.  If sending a food item with a reasonable shelf life, please contact us for our street address and give us a heads up when you send it.  There’s nothing worse than spoiled food sitting in a PO Box for a week.

Q: How long does it typically take to review a product?

A: It really depends on what is in our review queue at any given time, and how much review time we have available.  In general, we like to say give us at least 10-15 days, especially for books, since we usually have quite a stack to make our way through.

Q: If I send my product, is a review guaranteed?

A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee product reviews, but we do promise to at least look at everything that comes across our desk and will do our best to write something up about it.

Q: If I send my product, will it be returned to me?

A: Of course, we will return the product securely to you (if the return is appropriate).

Q: Will I be notified if/when my product is reviewed?

A: Absolutely! If we can find you that is.  To make things easier on us, please fill out the form above when submitting your product so we can find all pertinent contact information.

Q: If reviewed, which GETSVIEW properties will my product be reviewed on?

A: This is where the product subject matter comes into play, and in many cases, the review will be published on multiple sites as well as the websites of some of our partners (potential exposure bonus for you!).  The main two places the review of your product(s) will show up are on GETSVIEW and/or GV Forum.  And if it fits into any of the numerous niche properties that we have, it will be published there as well.

Q: If I would like my product to be included in a gift guide or roundup, but am unable to send one for review, is there a way to still get it included?

A: For items unavailable for review there is a PAID INCLUSION option (subject to approval). If interested in this option, please contact us for more information.

Disclaimer: GETSVIEW does not guarantee any number of sales, traffic, social media visits or engagement. The success of your product is determined by many factors likely outside of our control, we can not force our audience to like your product or purchase your product. All we can provide is exposure to our audience & coupon codes to incentivize potential customers.