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Products are reviewed by the editorial team and readers of GETSVIEW and GETSVIEW Forum will provide honest opinions and reports of a specific product. Reviews help our readers to learn more about the products and give better purchasing suggestions of the products which are showcased on this site.

Products can include Smartphone, Camera, Laptop, Television & other electronic products, Gadgets and more.

In addition to being showcased in a post on our site, products may also be listed on our sub-sites, as well as our social media accounts.

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Most frequent questions and answers

What types of products do you review?

We are open to reviewing any products that are relative to our audiences, which means, we do have a place we can review the majority of submissions we receive.


If I send my product, will it be returned to me?

Of course, we will return the product securely to you (if the return is appropriate).

What do I need to open the files ?

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If reviewed, which GETSVIEW properties will my product be reviewed on?

This is where the product subject matter comes into play, and in many cases, the review will be published on multiple sites as well as the websites of some of our partners (potential exposure bonus for you!).  The main two places the review of your product(s) will show up are on GETSVIEW and/or GV Forum.  And if it fits into any of the numerous niche properties that we have, it will be published there as well.

If I send my product, is a review guaranteed?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee product reviews, but we do promise to at least look at everything that comes across our desk and will do our best to write something up about it.

How long does it typically take to review a product?

It really depends on what is in our review queue at any given time, and how much review time we have available.  In general, we like to say give us at least 7-15 days, especially for smartphones, since we usually have quite a stack to make our way through.

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