Tag: Within 20-30 thousand taka

Smartphone Within BDT 20,000tk to 30,000tk is mid-budget range. Here we shorted smartphone which is available in this range. So, our visitors can find the preferred device easily and save time. Please tell us if you have any opinion.

Realme 3 Pro Full Specifications & Market Price

Realme 3 Pro - With Superb Performance And Excellent Design Recently, Realme unveiled its new smartphone Realme 3 Pro in the Indian market. This is an upgraded version of their previous Realme 3. Well-known that; Hyper Boost technology has been used on this phone, which will give you smooth ...

13,499 Rupee
Xiaomi Mi 9 Full Specifications & Price

Xiaomi Mi 9 - Price & Specs BD Currently, Xiaomi (MI) has developed a strong position among the best smartphone brands. They have developed a competitive market with the nominated brands of smartphone. A few weeks ago they brought their Redmi Note 7 to the market, Shortly after that, they ...