Things You Can Do While In Quarantine


You don’t need to go outside for capturing photos while you’re on quarantine. Take pictures of things around you just as miniaturemicrophotography or zooming into the moon. Edit those photos and publish them on social media or other platforms and get peoples opinions about your photograph.


Bad at writing??? This is the high time for you to increase your writing skills. You can write reviews (books/movies/places), blog posts, or answer questions for the people. Currently, I am also writing this post on this site for my better writings. You can also answer peoples questions. One of the best places for answering questions is Quora where you can get lots of questions on different topics. Askfm is also popular to the people for question answering. You can answer questions for money on some platform. Just answer questions which belong to you. By regular writing practices, your writing skills will increase gradually.


In this quarantine time, you can practice making handicrafts items, which will benefit your letter. By creating awesome handicrafts you can decorate your room also makes gifts for someone or earn some cash by selling them.


Make tutorial videos for uploading on YouTube or other social media. If you make great content then your video will popular and you can earn profits by your YouTube videos. So why you are stopped at? Start Making videos about the skills you are masters at. If you don’t know how to edit videos then there are a lot of tutorials available for you on YouTube.


Want to get attention from anyone??? Then start drawing something. It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad at drawing ? . Just share your creations with your friends and see their reactions ?. Don’t be sad if your drawing is rejected by your friends. Just practice more and wonder them how good you can draw ?



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