Walton Prelude N5000A In-Depth Review

Editor choice Prelude N5000A Design
Walton Prelude N5000A In-Depth Review
Walton Prelude N5000A In-Depth Review

Walton Prelude N5000A Design & Durability

Walton Prelude N5000A is a budget-friendly laptop that offers a lightweight and medium-sized built quality in the market. Those who are looking for slim and lightweight laptops or who may have to carry a laptop regularly can put this laptop on the list of favourites. The hard plastic is used as the built-in material of the laptop, which has a moderately premium feel in terms of design. The Walton Prelude N5000 laptop weighs only 1.8 kg and is of medium size which can be easily carried into a bag. The laptop is currently available in two different clours Black and Gray on the market.

Walton Prelude N5000A Display

Walton Prelude N5000A Display

The Walton Prelude N5000 laptop has a 14-inch matte LED display with a resolution of HD 1366×768 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz and 45% NTSC. From the processor segment, this is not good enough. A combination of Full HD display with Pentium N5000 is best for overall aspects. From my experience using this laptop, it is pretty considerable from the budget range, and it is not good enough for graphic designing rather enjoying the multimedia experience on average.

Walton Prelude N5000A Features

In terms of features, the Walton Prelude N5000A is quite good enough, we have compared this laptop along with a higher budget laptop (45K) and the result is quite outstanding or somewhat better than many laptops available in the market in terms of features and connectivity. 

Connectivity features include in this laptop –

It also has a separate space for a multi-format SD card reader. However, the laptop does not have any DVD drive. The Prelude N5000A will support Bluetooth version 5.1 and dual-band A and C WiFi versions. It also has two 1.5W speakers. The built-in speakers on this laptop was sometimes a bit noisy. A Multi-languages A4 size isolated keyboard with Bijoy Bangla layout and built-in touchpad with Microsoft PTP multi-gesture and scrolling function. A genuine version of Windows is also provided with this laptop which enhances the performance and keeps the laptop more secured from unwanted programs.  Finally, The Prelude N5000A has a 1 megapixel HD camera which is supported by HDR Features and has a Pro Mode option available.

Walton Prelude N5000A Storage

Walton Prelude N5000A System

With the Walton N5000, you will get 4GB DDR4 RAM with 2400 bus speed that can be extended up to 8GB with additional sticks. On the other hand, in terms of built-in storage, the Prelude N50 series has a total of 2 options available, one with 1TB SATA HDD storage and the other with 256 GB SATA SSD storage. So if storage is not your priority rather than performance, I would recommend taking the SSD version of the laptop. For extra storage, the device has two additional M.2 slots to increasing the SSD storage as necessary.

Walton Prelude N5000A Performance & Benchmark

Intel’s Celeron, Atom and Pentium series processors are the most used among the under 30K budget laptops. However, the Intel Pentium series is more prevalent in terms of performance than the other two lines. Each processor in the Pentium series is built on the superscalar pipeline architecture. In simple words, you can easily do multi-tasking with Pentium series processors without any issues. Considering that the Walton Prelude N5000A laptop uses the Intel Pentium Silver N5000 processor, it first came on the market in 2017. It is a quad-core processor with four threads and a base clock speed of 1.10 GHz and can go up to a maximum of 2.70 GHz. The processor’s chip size is only 14 nanometers, and the thermal design power is 8 watts.

The N5000 CPU comes with integrated Intel UHD 605 graphics, which can accelerate clock speeds up to 650 MHz. So you understand this laptop is not for gaming. So this GPU will support videos with a maximum 4K resolution at up to 60 Hz refresh rate. And it can run a maximum of three displays simultaneously and supports the Direct X12 version.

So to get an idea of what kind of performance the laptop can give, we have tried multi-tasking and running some software on the laptop – First, we installed the Visual Studio code and continued to run it smoothly without any issues. We have successfully created the structure of a website using the VS code. In addition to Visual Studio, we have also run NetBinus IDE, Code Blocks, and Android Studio on our laptops. In this case, except for Android Studio, I got overall good performance.

Now come to the graphic design segments – For graphic design, we installed Adobe Photoshop, XD and Premiere Pro. Each software was the 2020 version. While we were able to design a landing page using Adobe XD successfully and manipulate a photo using Photoshop; we were disappointed with the video to render with Premier Pro 2020 – it took about 16 minutes to render a 1-minute full-HD video on the laptop. But a little less, it took about 11 minutes to render the HD video of the resolution. So this laptop is not for video editors.

Let’s talk about Microsoft Office and other software – We’ve been able to run Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint very well, and the laptop has been handy for reading books with PDF viewers.

When it comes to gaming, it’s best not to expect too much of a gaming laptop on this budget. However, do not play games to pass the time? So we started to see the latest games’ specs to test the gaming performance on this laptop. Finally, I was disappointed to see the system requirements of the latest games. Then I installed a popular game Far Cry 3 of 2012. The game lagged in high-res graphics and running at an average FPS rate of only 7-8. Next, we try to play in low-res graphics and textures – it gets an average rate of 15-18 fps.

Benchmark Scores

GeekBench Scores

Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score

NovaBench Scores

CPU Score
Disk Score
Write Speed: 518 MB/s
Read Speed: 454 MB/s
GPU Score
Direct 3D 11: 8 FPS
RAM Score
RAM Speed: 8593 MB/s

Walton Prelude N5000A Battery Life

Talking about the Prelude N000A battery and its backup – it has a four-cell lithium-ion battery that can back up to about 6 hours, but in our moderate usage, it has backed up about four and a half hours. There are also battery optimization features available on the laptop. With this feature’s help, you can choose the best battery backup or best performance option easily. The battery design capacity is about 32,560 mWh, and it takes about two hours to be fully charged with 40 Watt charging adapter.

Walton offers up to 2 years of service warranty for this laptop; you can avail of any of the Walton service points.

Final Words

Those who want to poach eggs with a laptop, it’s not for them, even with extreme multi-tasking, did not find a heating issue in the laptop. The cooling fan of this laptop seemed to work well for me. After about 3-4 hours of randomly heavy browsing, editing, and gaming, the laptop maintains its coolness. However, there is some noise from the cooling fan during heavy usage, which is a bit irritating.

7.7Expert Score

At BDT 28,000Tk, it can be a perfect choice for students. This laptop is also great for those who have a budget of less than 30,000Tk and those who participate in online classes, learning new programming/design and development.

  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB SSD Storage
  • Upgradable RAM & Storage
  • Long Time Battery Backup
  • Excellent Design
  • HD Display
  • Bit Noisy Sound Quality
  • Not Good For Gaming
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